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Raw Material

Comesa buys the raw material (Round Bars in Ø from 10 to 1.000 mm) exclusively from certified and tested E.U. suppliers of standard steel grades.
Thanks to our extensive warehouse facilities, we always carry a good stock of material (up to 250 mm Ø).


The raw material is cut in our separate saw-shop for the optimum, efficient control of the various diameters and is equipped with semi-automatic, high-speed, precision band-saws.


Thanks to a constantly maintained machining inventory to meet the ever-changing production demands, Comesa’s turning facilities comprise a variety of both conventional and N.C. lathes handling up to 1.000 mm diameter x 12.000 mm length.

Heat Treatment
Our heat treatment is always carried out by our certified and tested partner company of 20 years cooperation.
Main Heat Treatments:

  • Induction Hardening.
  • Through Hardening.
  • Case Hardening and nitriding, etc.

Our grinding ability is a key strength of Comesa’s production, performed by a series of precision grinding machines working on centres and handling up to 1.000 mm diameter x 6.500 mm length within tolerances of a few microns.

Chromium Plating

Chrome plating and finished polishing of workpieces to achieve a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0,1 µm.


To facilitate product tracking, we employ either a punched mark or acid etching of the Comesa logo, the year of manufacture and the manufacturing identification file number which we hold in our records for a period of 10 years.


Our standard packing is in a wooden box, or, if required, special packaging with different protective finishes to safeguard components for lengthy storage and/or transit conditions.


Each workpiece in the manufacturing schedule carries certification of every stage of manufacture. Our inspection department can perform dimensional inspection, destructive or non-destructive testing on request.

After Sales Services

All Comesa products are supplied with our assurance of your receiving, both during and following use, the continued and prompt support of our Commercial and Technical teams, in guaranteeing the correct operation and solving of any eventual problem.