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Quality certification

COMESA carries full Certification and Accreditation in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Furthermore, a manufacturing schedule is created for every manufactured part to certify that every production operation has been performed.

Our Inspection Department can perform dimensional inspection and destructive or non-destructive testing on request.

Our cumulative experience over many decades has placed COMESA at the forefront of these technologies, not only for the equipment and machinery employed, but for our vast experience and knowledge of the correct raw material necessary in this highly specialised field.

Full quality

Every product of COMESA S.r.l. is based upon quality, innovation and service to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with every single product.

All processing is strictly controlled at every stage of manufacture due to the ceaseless and systematic control performed by the most modern production equipment and techniques consistent with the customer's exacting requirements and the employment of International standards and regulations.